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Installation and Initial Set-up

Before installing PK Protect,

  1. Verify that you have a supported system configuration (Refer System Requirements section).

  2. If there is an existing installation of PK Protect, PostgreSQL, or Apache Tomcat on the machine, they should be removed before installing PK Protect. The PK Protect installer will flag this condition when attempting a fresh install. Refer Uninstall PK Protect for more information.

  3. If Oracle/MySQL/MS SQL Server are being used instead of PostgreSQL as the metadata repository, ensure it already exists on the machine, or the correct access is available from PK Protect machine.

  4. Ensure that you have the required license key and challenge password which will be used during initial setup and configuration.

  5. Make sure the machine(s) on which the IDP(s) install have access to the target database(s), and/or file system(s).

For distributed installations, this chapter outlines the proper order for installing the PK Protect components. The Controller must be installed before any IDPs, or the Command Line utility are installed.

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