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The IntelliMask replaces a subset of characters with random values based on a regular expression. The rest of the field is left intact. This masking is suitable for structured fields with an invariable format that meet the following conditions:

  1. Only a specific portion of the information is sensitive.

  2. The non-sensitive portion contains useful information you want to leave intact.

  3. The sensitive portion has format and/or value constraints that are enforced at the database or application level, making it impossible to mask with a simple Character mask.

This masking can be applied on both string and numeric datatypes columns. This masking allows you to replace characters at the beginning, end or at any specific position of a string with a meaningless character. To apply IntelliMask, enter the following details:

  1. The Select Position drop-down allows you to specify the position where masking can be applied. There are three positions:

    1. Left – Select this option if you want to mask the characters from the beginning.

    2. Right – Select this option if you want to mask the characters from the end.

    3. Specify – Select this option if you want to mask the characters from specific position. On selecting this option, the Start Position drop-down will appear where you can mention the counter point from where the characters will be masked.

      E.g., in the below image, the masking is initiated from position counter 2 and the length for masking a character is defined as 3.

  2. The Characters to Mask drop-down allows you to enter the numeric value that will specify the length of characters to be masked in the field.

  3. The Create Expression button opens-up the Regular Expression Masking dialog box. Using this, you can create a regex.

  4. The Expression textbox display the regex you define.

E.g., with reference to below image, if you want to mask the middle six digits of an acc_num field in the customer database with an expression that would consist of some random numbers or special characters then you can opt for IntelliMask. Since this type of masking provides a flexibility of masking characters at the beginning, end or at any specific positions.

Here, we will mask the middle six characters i.e., 876-098-408-066 of an acc_num column. In the below image, we have created a random regex i.e. [0-9]\*\*\*\*[0-9] having a length of six characters and the masking will initiate from position counter four. The expression here is defined as:

On executing the task, the data in acc_num column is masked with the regex you define. For Instance, in the below image, the data in row 1 for acc_num is masked with value 876$+RKjG066.

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