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PK Protect is a complete data security solution that enables enterprises to leverage their data to achieve greater business goals while minimizing the risk of exposure and running afoul of data handling regulations such as PII, PCI, HIPAA and GDPR.

This document intends to guide users through installation, configuration, and administration of PK Protect. By the end of this document, the user should be clear on basic configuration options and be able to clearly administer the product.


This installation guide is structured to reflect different activities workflow. The chapters are:

  1. Installation

  2. Configuration

  3. Admin

Related Sources

This document is intended to support user deployment of PK Protect on the customer site. Other documents are also available:

  1. PK Protect User Guide – Orients system users and introduces general concepts within PK Protect’s various solutions (DBMS, Files, Hadoop).

  2. PK Protect REST API Reference – Describes in detail the REST APIs that are supported by PK Protect.

  3. Online Help – Accessible from any screen in PK Protect, it shares in-depth information on each screen as well as context specific tips. Once the controller, repository database, and IDPs are installed, and configured, PK Protect can be launched using a web browser or from the Start menu. PK Protect is bundled with a default set of software it needs to function.

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