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List LDAP Servers

The LDAP Servers tab lists all the LDAP Servers saved for Dynamic masking. It displays information such as, Server Name, URL, Domain, and UserName. To access the LDAP Servers screen for Dynamic Masking, click Dynamic Masking Config> LDAP CONFIGURATION in the navigation panel.

The user interface of the LDAP Servers tab is depicted below:

You can edit the details of LDAP server by clicking Pen icon in the Actions column. Similarly, to delete LDAP server details, click Trash icon in the Actions column.

To synchronize the LDAP users/user groups from the Active Directory, perform the below steps:

  1. Check the checkboxes in the bottom panel of the screen to synchronize the LDAP user or user groups.
    There are four options:

    1. Delete Empty Groups: This option allows you to delete the empty LDAP user groups.

    2. Allow Duplicated Email: This option allows you to import the users with same email address.

    3. Import Users Groups With Domain Name: Check the checkbox to set the value as True to import user groups with domain name.

    4. Import Users With Domain Name: Check the checkbox to set the value as True to import users with domain name.

  2. Separator: Select a value from the Separator drop-down. The values are “\” or “@”. By default, "\" is opted in the field. This field is used to import users from the Active Directory (AD) along with the domain name. For example, testuser@QANET.  Here, testuser is the username and QANET is the domain name.

  3. Click Save button to save the changes.

  4. Click Synchronize button to sync LDAP users and user groups from the Active Directory.

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