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Mandatory Tags

Following are the Mandatory tags which can be added in the GenericDetection.xml file.

  1. <data-sources></ data-sources>: This is the root tag inside which there are tags of all the databases whose detection support has been added.

  2. <version></version>: In this tag, version is provided. This version is to be saved by the controller. It needs to be updated (increased by 1) every time when a change is made to that target database in the xml file. If the version is not incremented, changes made to that target database will not get reflected.

    For e.g.,<version>16</version>

  3. <data-source></data-source>: This tag provides the details of the data source. Details include name of the data source, data source id etc.

  4. <data-source-name></data-source-name>: This tag is used to provide the name of the data source.
    For e.g.,<data-source-name>Postgres</data-source-name>

  5. <jdbc-source-template> </jdbc-source-template>: This tag is used to provide the JDBC URL Template of the data source.

    For e.g.,
    <jdbc-source-template> jdbc:postgresql:User=getUserName;Password=getPassword;Database=getDatabase;Server=getHostNameOrIPAddress;Port=getPortNumber</jdbc-source-template>

  6. <jdbc-driver-classname></jdbc-driver-classname>: This tag is used to provide the class name of the JDBC driver of the data source.
    For e.g.,

  7. <gui></gui>: This tag provides the information about the fields like hostname, username, password etc. which will be visible on the Connection Screen for the database. Following fields are supported





Port Number






Database Name


IP Address






Any different field for any data source. For example: In case of Salesforce, Security Token is the required field to make connection.


Group/IP Range




*Note: It is mandatory to add either IP Address or Group/IP Range field. These fields will specify which IDP you want to use. It is recommended to add Group/IP Range field.

  1. <fields></fields>: This tag is used for providing the details of the any field such as fieldLabel, fieldid etc

    1. <field-label></field-label>: This tag is used to provide the name of the field.
      For e.g.,<field-label>Port Number<field-label>

    2. <field-id> </field-id>: In this tag, field id should be provided. The value for Fieldid has been shown in the above table. Fieldid is fixed for the field. Its value should not be changed.
      For e.g.,<field-id>portNumber</field-id>

    3. <field-default-value></field-default-value>: This tag can be used to provide the default value for the field.
      For e.g., We can set default value for the portNumberfield as 5432 in case of postgres database.

    4. <mandatory></mandatory>: This tag accepts Boolean value. If the value is set to True, then it is mandatory for the user to enter that field.
      For e.g.,<mandatory>true</mandatory>

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