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Map Structure

The Map Structure feature allows you to map the existing structure with the other databases if the data within that database is same as of the already defined structure.

To access the Map Structure screen, click Structure Management > Map Structure. The below image depicts the UI of the Map Structure:

To map existing structure with different database, perform the below steps:

  1. Select the module from the Select Type drop-down. This displays six file formats based on which a structure can be mapped:

  2. The Apply To Source(s) section of the screen displays the various other options, based on which a new structure can be mapped with the existing one.

  3. The + Add New Connection button allows you to define the details of the new connection if connection does not exist. This opens-up the side window where you can select any database and provide details.

  4. The Select Structure drop-down displays the list of all the existing structures that you have defined.

  5. The Select Connection drop-down displays the list of all the available connections that user has permission to access.

  6. On selecting the connection in the Select Connection drop-down, the list of all the databases names gets displayed in the left panel of the Apply To Source(S) section.

    To select any database, check the checkbox(s) available with the database names. You can select as many databases as possible in the panel which are mapped with the existing structure.

  7. Click the Save button if you want to save the map structure details. On saving, the structure will be displayed in the left panel of the Assign To Source(S) panel.

    To edit the details of the structure, click Pen icon under the Actions column. Similarly, to delete the structure click Trash icon under the Actions column.

  8. Click Cancel if you do not want to save the changes.

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