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AWS (Masking)

Perform the following steps to create a masking connection for different RDS/Redshift databases in AWS:

  1. Select the database from the left side pane.

    Masking is supported on the following RDS/Redshift databases:

    1. Aurora DB Postgres

    2. MariaDB

    3. Redshfit

    4. Other Connections

  2. Click the Test button to test the connection.

  3. Click Save button, to save the changes.

  4. To edit a connection in AWS: 

    1. Go to RDBMS > Connection Manager > Connections. Select the connection classification type from the Select Group drop-down.


    2. Select the connection.


    3. Click the Pen icon under the Actions column to edit the connection details.


*Note: IDP and connection type cannot be edited. A connection can be edited using the same steps as task creation.

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