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Masking - Connection

Perform the following steps to create a masking connection for different databases in RDBMS:

  1. Select the Location and IDP Type i.e., Masking.

  2. Select the database from the left side pane.

    The below list displays the list of all the supported data sources in RDBMS:

    1. DB2

    2. DB2 for I

    3. DB2 Mainframe

    4. MariaDB

    5. MySQL

    6. Oracle

    7. Postgres (Inc.Heroku)

    8. Salesforce

    9. Snowflake

    10. SQL Server

    11. Teradata

*Note: Dynamic Masking is supported for the following databases:  Oracle, SQL server, and MySQL. To know dynamic masking process in detail, refer to Dynamic Masking Configuration.

  1. Click the Test button to test the connection i.e., to check whether it is successfully established or not.

  2. Click Test & Validate, to check if the intended user has grants to mask the records of target database. In case, if user do not have rights, then click Test & Validate option. The Validate Grants screen pop-ups, which displays the set of commands that user needs to execute.

    There are two ways in which you can provide grants to a specific masking user, perform the following steps:

    1. Copy to Clipboard – Click the button to copy the grant and execute it in the database editor.

    2. Execute & Save – Click the button to execute the grant on PK Protect and Save it.

      In both the option, enter the following information:

      1. Enter the username in Admin Username and password in Admin Password of the target database.

      2. Enter the Default and Temporary Tablespace name in the given fields. The field name changes based on the type of the connection created.

Edit a connection in RDBMS

To edit a connection in RDBMS, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to RDBMS > Connection Manager > Connection List. Select the connection classification type from the Select Group drop-down.

  2. Select the connection.

  3. Click the Pen icon under the Action column to edit the connection details.

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