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Additional configurations are needed when receiving the error "java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.xerial.snappy.Snappy", when running tasks against snappy compressed files.

  1. Run Java -version, determine which java is been used.

  2. Find snappy-java- under \Dataguise\DgSecure\IDPs\HDFSIDP\WEB-INF\lib

  3. Put snappy-java-1.1.x.x.jar into Java_home/jre/lib/ext.

  4. Re-start jetty HDFSIDP service

Misc #2
Following are the feature implementation details for custom masking:

  1. Put the CustomProtectionDefinition.json file at following path  …\webapps\dgcontroller\

  2. The JSON file is configurable, it contains the mapping of custom masking plugins with the sensitive types, controller will pass this mapping to GUI and then GUI will populate the custom masking options for the correspondingly mapped sensitive types on tomcat restart.

  3. Put the custom masking jar files at following path /HDFSIDP/expandedArchive/WEB-INF/plugins/custom_protection/

This is the default path to put custom plugin jar files, HDFSIDP will upload these files to HDFS at following path/dataguise\$/lib/plugins/custom_protection/

And add them to the classpath of MapReduce job, above paths can also be configured through the following configuration properties in



  1. Restart HDFSIDP.

  2. Apply custom masking on the applicable sensitive types, Custom masking types would be available for the specific sensitive types only according to the custom plugin and sensitive type mapping defined in CustomProtectionDefinition.json.

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