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Notifications (Linux)

You can setup notifications to alert selected recipients about specific events like completed discovery, masking, encryption, file transfer and scan jobs etc. Initially, you must configure the SMTP Server to get the notifications and later can test the SMTP Configuration.

Access the Notifications Management screen by clicking the Notifications option in the left side pane. The Notifications Management screen is depicted below:

The top panel displays the time based and event-based notifications and the bottom panel displays the roles subscribed to the notification.

Configure SMTP Server

Perform the following steps to configure the SMTP Server:

  1. Click SMTP Server Configuration.

  2. A dialog box will appear.

  3. Enter the Username, Password, SMTP Hostname, Port No, Sender’s Email address, and Connection Type.

  4. Click Save.

Modify the Frequency of Time-Based Notifications

Perform the following steps to modify the frequency of the time-based notifications:

  1. Select the time-based notification that you want to modify.

  2. Click Edit.

  3. A dialog box will appear.

  4. In the Periodicity field, enter the number for the hours between the notifications of a particular event.

  5. Click Save.

Assign Roles to Notifications

Perform the following steps to assign roles to notifications:

  1. Select a notification in the Notifications panel.

  2. Click Add in the Add Roles and more Details panel.

  3. A dialog box will appear.

  4. Select the role and shareability (user or full control) from the dropdown. This will subscribe the users with the specific role to subscribe to the notification.

  5. Click Save.

Subscribe to Notifications

Perform the following steps to subscribe to notifications:

  1. Sign into PK Protect and click Welcome <username> dropdown.

  2. Select Notifications.

  3. A dialog box will appear.

  4. For notification subscriptions, select the notification and click Edit.

  5. A dialog box will appear.

  6. Specify the emails and change Subscribe status to True to activate the notification. If the user does not want to receive notification emails, then change subscribe status to False.

  7. Click Save.

You can enter multiple email values separated by comma in the Emails field.

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