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NPI Masking

The NPI masking inserts a number that follows the formatting and rules of the National Provider Identifier (NPI). It applies the Luhn algorithm to generate valid 10-digit combinations in sequence from lowest to highest. The NPI is a 10-digit unique identification number issued to health care providers in US by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

The NPI masking can be applied on both string (such as char, varchar2, nvarchar, etc.) and numeric (such as int, decimal, etc.) datatype fields.

E.g., with reference to the below image, if you want to mask emp_cd with random 10-digit number then you can apply NPI mask. This will generate a random 10-digit number which is used for masking the data in the field.

Here, we need to mask the emp_cd field in the target data. On executing the task, the field is masked with fictious 10-digit number, which can be seen in the target database. For Instance, the emp_cd for record 1 was originally ‘100’ but after applying NPI masking, it has been masked with fictious value ‘1,286,578,467’. Similarly, the data for record 2 and 3 has also been masked.

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