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Partial FPM

The Partial FPM option masks a specific portion of the sensitive data. This protection option can be applied to both Numeric and String datatypes columns. This protection option retains the format of the data.

The working of this protection option is like that of FPM masking except that here user has a privilege of defining the numbers of characters to be masked and the start position from where masking begins.

The Partial Format Preserve Masking is suitable when:

  1. Capital letters are masked with random capital letters.

  2. Small letters are masked with random small letters.

  3. Digits are masked with random digits.

  4. Special characters are masked with special characters.

This masking option may require an FPM Key. This key can be generated through the …./HDFSIDP/FPMKeygen.html page. This is done to maintain the consistency in the data across different data sources.

To apply Partial FPM masking, enter the following:

  1. The Start Position drop-down allows you to enter the position from where the masking starts begins.

  2. Select Partial Field FPM algorithm from the Algo Type drop-down. It is recommended to use the latest algorithm.

  3. The Characters to Mask drop-down lets you enter the value. This value entered is the number of characters to be masked in a selected column.

*Note: The number of characters to be masked should be less than or equal to the length of column.

  1. The Language drop-down display the different languages based on which random masking value is generated. There are 13 different languages in which values are generated.

E.g., with reference to below image, if you want to mask few characters in emp_cd and ccno in such a way that the format of data is retained then use Partial FPM masking option.

Here, we’ll be masking first five characters of emp_cd column and six characters of CCNO column. We’ve selected Multilingual as a language here.

The final out displays masked data for both the columns i.e., emp_cd and CCNO. Also, the data in both the columns has been preserved. For Instance, the emp ID for emp_cd ‘D_123’ has been masked with random value ‘DV_574’. Also, the CCNO number for first 6 characters for the same emp ID is masked with value 5477 1626 8175 7749 which was originally 5238 9726 8175 7749. The format in both the scenarios has been retained such that the numbers generated for CCNO is masked in dash separated format.

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