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Periodic Reports

The Periodic Reports provide details about the scanned data sources that how much sensitive data has been exposed, protected, and safe for a specific duration. These reports display the size and count of the sensitive data detected for different source types over a defined period.

*Note: By default, only Admin can access the Reports section. You can provide rights to other users for accessing the Reports section through, User Management > Roles > Edit Product Access Permissions option in Admin. To know more on Roles and Permissions in both Linux and Windows environment, refer to section Manage Roles and Permissions in Linux and Manage Roles and Permissions in Windows.

To access Periodic Reports, click Reports > Periodic Reports. Perform the following steps to generate a Periodic Report:

  1. Enter the Start Date and the End Date. By default, the End Date will be the current date and the Start Date will be 7 days prior to it. You can modify both the dates.

  2. Click Update Results.

  3. The report for the specified date range is displayed.

    To view the sensitive groups that has been detected, perform the steps:

    1. Click on the link under the Exposed field to view the sensitive group details for the corresponding source type. A pop-up appears.

      This dialog box lists all the names of the Sensitive Groups and the total count of the sensitive data detected within each group for the selected Source Type.

    2. Click OK to close the pop-up.

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