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PKware Solution for Data Protection

PK Protect provides a solution for data protection which includes Masking, Encryption and Decryption. These techniques are implemented using following two features:

  • Detection – This feature detects the sensitive data in the repositories by using advanced pattern matching capabilities.

    The “Detection” capability searches for the sensitive data within the structured and unstructured repositories. This feature deploys the pattern matching algorithms that automatically identifies sensitive data such as credit card numbers, phone numbers, address, social security numbers, etc., and creates a detailed report displaying where this information is stored in the database. This tool also helps in searching the sensitive data in unstructured sources such as text files, pdf, excel, etc.

  • Protection – This feature lets you create a masker user. Using this user, the masking and encryption capabilities are implemented in the target database to protect the data.

    The “Protection” capability can be applied on the data, only when the required IDPs for different modules are installed in the network. The protection options help in protecting the sensitive data stored in various repositories. It also ensures that the generated masked data preserves the data integrity and meets the business requirement.


To implement the above features to protect sensitive data, the Controller and IDPs must be installed.
To know more, visit below mention sections in respective installation guides:

  1. For Windows, refer PK Protect Linux Installation Guide

  2. For Linux, refer PK Protect Windows Installation Guide

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