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Introduction of PK Protect

PK Protect is a complete data security solution that enables enterprises to leverage their data to achieve greater business goals while minimizing the risk of exposure and running afoul of data handling regulations such as PII, PCI, HIPAA and GDPR.

PK Protect provides core solution for finding Sensitive data (DETECT), encrypting or masking (PROTECT) it, and providing an overall report (AUDIT).

  • DETECT - The DETECT capability enables you to discover, count and report on Sensitive data encountered in the database; On-Premises and in the Cloud based. It processes structured, semi-structured and unstructured data formats.

  • PROTECT - The PROTECT capability ensures that the data is protected. There is an automated, policy-based encryption for sensitive data for various file formats. The sensitive data gets encrypted with fictitious content using one of many available data replacement options.

  • AUDIT - It understands and assess the security risks across the enterprise and in the cloud. The AUDIT report displays the details about all the events which were executed by the user, based on the role.

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