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Quick Scan Columns

Sometimes, the Objects Containing the Identity panel of the Data Subject Search screen doesn’t get populated. Reasons could be mismatch in version of the IDPs or internal server error. In this case, Quick Scan Columns screen under METADATA is used to configure the data that is pushed into DSAR IDP.

It can be accessed by IDENTITIES > METADATA > Quick Scan Columns. It enables you to configure the columns with their sensitive type. Selections can be made after selecting that associated Data Group as displayed below.

Follow the steps below to proceed ahead:

  1. Select the associated data group from Data Group drop-down.

  2. The Select Table/Files panel will now show the name of mapped connection with the data group selected. Click on it and fetch the tables/files associated (through the database) with this connection. Click on the table you want to include for quick scan.

  3. The Quick Scan Column panel will now get populated. Select the sensitive type associated with the Column of that table from Sensitive Type drop-down. Make sure to assign a sensitive type to all the columns that are sensitive. Now, check the checkbox available with those columns.

  4. Click Save to add this selected information to the Selected Quick Scan Columns panel below. This will push these tables for quick scanning and will show up in Objects Containing the Identity panel once searched.

To edit the sensitive type for a column, click Pen icon in Actions column. Click an 'i' icon in Sensitive Type column next to the column name to know the sensitive type details associated with that column.

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