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The Random masking inserts a random, fictitious value that retains the properties of the original data. The random masking generates random numeric, string, and date values. It can also generate realistic, fictitious values for common sensitive types such as:

  1. Credit card number, Social security number.

  2. Street address, City, State, and Country.

  3. Email address, Telephone number.

  4. First name, last name, and full name Choose a random value that matches the type of data you want to mask.

This type of masking allows a user to opt for the type of protection options based on the data present in the source database. For example, if a target database contains a table having a data related to telephones, then you can opt for the Telephone protection option under Random Mask. Such type of options allows a customer to protect their data with some fictious value having a realistic data property, which will still be helpful in analysing the data.

The Random masking supports 18 protection options:

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