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RDBMS (Structure)

On selecting the structure in the Structure Type drop-down, the other fields will appear on the screen. The user interface is depicted below:

To create a RDBMS file structure, enter the following:

  1. Click the Browse Columns button in the Assign Sensitive Data Type panel. This opens the Select Connections panel which displays the list of all the connections.

  2. Click the + Add New Connection button if you want to create a new connection in RDBMS Connection screen. This opens a panel which lists down all the available databases for which can connection be created.

  3. Select the group in the Select Group drop-down. This field list down the categories based on which connection is segregated.

    1. Connection IDP

    2. Connection Type

    3. Host Name

    4. Location

    5. User Name

  4. Select the group value from the Select Group Value drop-down. The data in this field changes according to the value selected in the Select Group drop-down.

  5. The list of connections is displayed in the below panel as per the selection made in the Select Group and Select Group Value fields.

    To select any connection, check the checkbox(s) available with the connection name. You can also test a connection by clicking the Test button.

    To edit the details of a connection, click the Pen icon under the Edit Actions column.

  6. On selecting the connection, the available schemas are displayed in the Select Schema/DB panel. Select a schema to view all the tables. Similarly, to view all the columns in the table, select the table in the Select Table panel.

  7. Map the sensitive type to each column name in the Assign Sensitive Data Type panel. The drop-down in the Select Sensitive Data Type column displays the list of all the Pre-defined and User defined sensitive types.

  8. The bottom panel display the list of all the columns selected in the Assign Sensitive Data Type panel. This panel displays the information for the selected columns such as, Connection Name, Schema/DB Name, Table Name, Column Name, etc.

    You can also delete the column by clicking the Trash icon under the Actions column.

  9. Click the Save button to import the structure column details in the Assign Sensitive Data Type panel. You can also import a file by clicking the Import File option.

  10. Click the Save button. This will save the structure details. The details are displayed on the Structure List screen. Click the Cancel button if you do not want to save the structure.

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