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The Result page in PK Protect, layouts the complete result of all the triggered instances of the task. The Results page provides in depth detail for the selected task instance. This page lists down all the selected Sensitive Types, Object Extensions, Scan Locations, and any applied Database Object Filter. There is an Overview panel that consist of various tabs and based on the tabs the information of the scanned data is displayed.

This page shares the information for the task instances under different tabs such as Results, Logs, Saved Results Review, By Task, By Date Range, etc., based on the selected data source module.

For instance, you can view the By Task, By Date Range, Logs tabs in Azure Blob/Data Lake, S3, Files, HDFS whereas Results, Logs are shown in RDBMS, Databases, RDS/RedShift module.

The following section covers:

  1. RDBMS Results

  2. RDS Results

  3. Azure Databases Results

  4. Google Cloud Results

  5. NoSQL Results

  6. Hadoop Results

  7. Files Results

  8. AWS Results

  9. Azure Results

  10. GCS Results

  11. BigQuery Results

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