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Following are the options specific to SAS:

  • Connection Name: Enter a unique Connection Name. This fields accepts letters, numbers, and symbols.

  • IP Address: Enter the IP Address for the connection.

  • Connection Attribute: Select the attribute name from the Connection Attribute drop-down. This functionality allows you to add tags to the created connection.

  • Directory Details: This is an integral step to establish a SAS connection in RDBMS. In case of SAS, it is required to install Carolina JDBC jar and license for SAS (.sas7bdat) in the IDPs folder of installed files on the IP Address mentioned and then give path to fetch that directory in the field mentioned below it. Click ADD to add that path.

*Note: To scan all the child directories of a parent directory, specify ‘*.*’ in the directory path field while creating a connection. This will scan all the child directories of the selected parent directory.

To proceed further for remaining steps, refer Step 2 in RDBMS Detection Connection.

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