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Saved Results Review

The Saved Results Review tab allows you to view all the records that have been selected as reviewed results in Results > Task Instances > Detailed Results tab. The ‘Results Review’ functionality allows a user to mark the record as non-sensitive, Sensitive, or set the value of Confidence Factor.

*Note: To know more about how to enable and queue the task for results review workflow in both Linux and Windows environment, refer to section Enable Results Review in Linux and Enable Results Review in Windows.

Once the results review value has been set and saved in Detailed Results tab, the same can be seen under Saved Results Review tab. This tab displays the information such as Host Name, Database Name, Table Name, Field Name, Sensitive Type, Action Name, etc.

  1. Edit: To edit the details, click Pen icon. This functionality allows you to update the information for results review, if required.

  2. Delete: To delete the record, select the record and click Trash icon. This will delete the selected record from the screen.

  3. Filters: Perform the following steps to narrow down your search results by applying filters:

    1. Click on the Search box to view the available options (column headers) you can put on your searches to narrow it down.


    2. Choose the option. For example, if you want to perform search based on table name, then provide the value for table name as shown below:


    3. Click Ok. Now, you can view the results with your specifications. This functionality allows you to save filters either as User Filter or System Filter.

  4. Refresh: To update this screen with latest information, click the Refresh button.

  5. Clear Filters: The Clear Filters button allows user to remove any applied filters from the column headers.

There are few other common functionalities through which you can sort the column header, filter the data, download the results in CSV or PDF format, etc. To know more, visit RDBMS Common Controls.

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