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The Scheduler provides the flexibility to execute the tasks at scheduled intervals, automatically. To access the Scheduler screen, click Scheduler in the navigation bar.

The below screenshot shows the interactive user interface of the Scheduler screen.

The screen is divided into two panels:

  1. Task Scheduler
    On the left-hand side of the Task Scheduler panel, you can view the list of the tasks associated with the module selected in the Select Module drop-down. On the right-hand side i.e., Schedule Detail panel, you can set the details of the task(s) that you want to schedule.

  2. Scheduled Task

    This panel displays the list of scheduled tasks and the details associated with the tasks. It displays basic details such as, Task Id, Task Name along with other information i.e., Module, Schedule, Day(s), Interval, Execution, Start Date, End Date, and Frequency.

    You can also perform the following actions in the panel:

    1. Edit: To edit a scheduled task, click the Pen icon available under the Actions column.

    2. Delete: To delete a scheduled task, click the Trash icon available under the Actions column.

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