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Sensitive Type - DBMS

To create a New Sensitive Type in DBMS, perform the below steps:

  1. Click the + NEW SENSITIVE TYPE button.

  2. The New Sensitive Type screen opens. Now, enter the required details.

    1. Select either DBMS or Hadoop & Files from Define For drop-down.

    2. Enter the name and description for the Sensitive Type in Sensitive Type and Sensitive Types Description.

    3. Select the sensitive type’s Group Name from the given list.

    4. Enter a Data and Column Regex.

      You can use the Expression Builder tool for creating regexes in PK Protect. Alternatively, regex can also be directly entered into the indicated fields. Also, you can test your expression by using Expression Tester tool.

      1. Expression Builder: Use this tool to create a Regexes.

      2. Expression Tester: Use this to test if the created regex is working on a sample data. The Regex field is editable.

        You can also edit the Regex by performing the below steps:

        1. Provide a different regular expression in the Regex field.

        2. Click Update to save the changes. You can also test the expression by clicking the TEST button.

        3. A pop up appears.

        4. Click Yes to make the changes effective.

          *Note: It is mandatory to define both Data and Column Regexes to create a sensitive type for DBMS.

    5. Mandatory Field Name Match: The Mandatory Field Name Match checkbox ensures that detection results appear only if Data and Column, both Regexes match.

    6. Minimum Data Length: This allows you define the threshold for the sensitive types. For example, if we define the minimum data length for a telephone number as 10, then the tokens with length greater or equal to 10 will be reported as sensitive.

    7. Detect If Found With: Using Rule Builder option, select additional Sensitive Types under Detect if Found With field. This will create dependency between two Sensitive Types and report the Sensitive Type if found in the same row as the selected Sensitive Type.

    8. The Rule Builder option allow user to create an expression using existing Sensitive Types.

    9. Reference Data: An inclusion or exclusion list can be added to include or exclude certain data and fields from the detection.

    10. Validation Function: Upload a Validation Function to verify the detection.

    11. Add Confidence Factor Config: Click the button to setup confidence factor calculations for the Sensitive Type. To know more about Confidence Factor, please refer to section 5.4 Confidence factor.

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