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Setup the Admin Console

The Admin console provides tools to supervise PK Protect operations and managing licenses, users, and IDPs. When you launch it for the first time, you are guided through a one-time process in which you install the product license key and create a PK Protect super user and password.

You will need these items which you received when you purchased PK Protect:

  1. License file

  2. Challenge password file

To launch the Admin console:

If two different instances of DSM are installed on the same machine and controller services stops abruptly, restart the Tomcat Apache Services.

  1. Copy your PKWARE license (.lic) file to the machine hosting the controller.

  2. On the same machine, open a browser window and enter this url:
    where <Port> is the port number you used to install PK Protect.

  3. The Install License dialog box is displayed. Enter the path to the license file or click Browse to locate it and click Install.

*Note: If you selected SSL as an option during installation, you must prefix the host URL with https:\\, and the default port number 10182.

  1. The Enter Challenge Password dialog box is displayed. Enter the challenge password you received with the license file, click Submit.

  2. The Enter Directory Service dialog box is displayed. Enter the required details, click Submit.

  3. Enter a Username and Password for the PK Protect super user. The super user must be an authorized user in the service, and the Username and Password you enter here must match the username and password listed in the directory service.

  4. Click Submit when this is completed.

  5. Click Click Here to Login when this is completed.

  6. The login screen for Admin is displayed. Enter the login ID and password for the super user you created.

  7. The Admin console is displayed.

  8. Use Admin to connect to PK Protect IDPs and add users.

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