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Static Masking Results - RDBMS

The Results page for masking task displays the information about the data which has been masked using any protection option available in PK Protect.

To access the RESULTS page for masking, click RDBMS > Static Masking > RESULTS.

Select the module for which you want to view the results from the Select Module drop-down.

The Results page is divided into two panes:

  1. Task Instances

  2. Overview

  1. Task Instances

    The Task Instances panel displays information about all the instances of the task that have been executed to mask the records in the table associated to some database. It displays information such as ID (system generated), Task Name, Status, Start Time, End Time, etc.

    To re-execute the task, click the Fast Forward button in Actions column. This will trigger the selected instance of the task again. Similarly, if instance of a task instance fails at any step, then you can re-try the task by clicking the Refresh in Actions column.

    To view the task definition of the executed task, click the Arrow box button in Actions column. To maximize the Task Instance panel, click Maximize icon on the top right corner of the panel.

    There are few common controls through which you can sort the values in the column header, hide and unhide the column headers, filter the data, etc. To know more, visit RDBMS Common Controls.

    1. With Results: Check the Results checkbox, if you want to view only that instance of the task in the Task Instances panel for which the Overview panel is populated with information.

    2. Refresh: To refresh the Task Instances panel with updated information, click the Refresh button. It updates the panel with the updated information.

    3. Pause: To pause the already executed task, click the Pause button on top right corner of the panel.

    4. Resume: To Resume the paused task from where it stopped, click the Resume button on top right corner of the panel. 

    5. Clear Filter: To remove any applied filters on the column headers, click the Clear Filter button. This removes the filters on the Task Instance panel.

    6. Show: Click the Show icon to unhide the selected task. If you’ve checked the Show Hidden Items checkbox in the User Preferences, the hidden task will appear greyed out else it will not be visible on the screen. To know more, visit Home Page.

    7. Hide: Click the Hide icon in the Actions column to hide the selected task. This will grey out the selected task from panel. If you’ve checked the Show Hidden Items checkbox in the User Preferences, the hidden task will appear greyed out else it will not be visible on the screen. To know more, refer to step 4 of Home Page.

      To hide all the selected task, click Three Dot icon and select Hide Selected option. Click the Hide button.

  2. Overview
    This panel displays information associated to the task selected in the Tasks Instances panel. It shows under the following tabs:

    1. Details: This panel displays the details of the task selected in the Task Instances panel. The information includes details of the task such as the Task Name, Start and End Time for the task, number of rows to be masked, number of rows which are masked, etc.

      This panel also shows the progress bar when a task is in running state. The task can be cancelled during the execution by clicking the CANCEL button available next to the progress bar.

    2. Results: This panel display the detailed results for the selected task that has been triggered to mask records in the database. It lists down each masked column along with the other details such as Number of Rows masked, Errors (if any), any CUPS option applied, name of the connection, etc.

    3. Logs: This tab lists down any errors occurred during the task execution. The log panel displays information of errors when a task gets failed during execution or when it gets completed with errors. The errors occurred during the execution can be due to syntax, storage, or java related issues. Similarly, if a user does not have permission to access any database, in this scenario the task will fail; and it will generate a privilege error.

      This tab displays the information for the selected task instance in the Task panel. It displays the log information for the errors such as Database Name, Schema Name, Message Description, Message, Message Severity, Column Name, etc.

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