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Static Masking

The Static masking inserts the consistent value into every field of the selected column. The value can either be a static value (such as AAA, aaa, @@@, or 123) or a null value. The Static masking option is suitable for columns that meet the following conditions:

  1. The columns that do not hold uniqueness constraints.

  2. The columns that do not require a variety of values for downstream testing or analysis purposes.

In Static Mask, if you check the Nullify checkbox then the values for the selected column will be marked as NULL in the target database/file. You can enter the numeric, special characters or alphabets if the column datatype is String (such as char, varchar, varchar2). Similarly, you can enter the date value only if the column datatype is Date format (such as date, datetime) and in case of Numeric datatype only numbers can be entered as a static value.

E.g., with reference to below image, if you want to mask the telephone column with static value i.e., 090909 in the Employees table then mention the following details:

  1. Enter the static numeric value in the Enter Static Value field. All the records in the telephone column will be masked using this value.

  2. Check the Nullify checkbox, if you wish to enter the NULL value for all the records in the telephone column.

Once, you have specified everything then trigger the task. On completion, the intended output will display the masked characters in the target database. In the below image, the data in the telephone column has been masked with static value 909090.

In case, if the Nullify checkbox is selected then the value in telephone column will be masked with NULL value.

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