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Steps in DSAR

Perform the following steps to configure DSAR in PK Protect:

  1. Add IDPs

  2. Add/Edit Identifiers

  3. Add/Edit Data Group

  4. Add Data Subject

  5. Create Connection

  6. Create Task - Detection

  7. Sync Results with Privacy using Scheduler

  8. Generate RoA/RtE request – Data Subject Search

  9. Create Task - DSAR

  10. Schedule DSAR Task

  11. View Report


  1. Steps 1 to 7 are one-time configuration steps. Steps ahead are the ones that will be performed repeatedly as DSAR requests come in.

  2. Create a separate repository while installing the DSAR IDP to store information about the Data Subjects. To know more on how to install IDPs in both Linux and Windows environment, refer Install DSAR IDP in Linux and Install DSAR IDP in Windows.

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