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Synchronize (S)

In large databases, often reference and id columns are mapped to several tables. To avoid creating multiple tasks and masking each table separately, use Synchronize (S) option.

If you’ve checked the Sync checkbox against a column, PK Protect masks all columns with similar entries using the masking options provided in the sync column.

The Synchronize (S) option can be used in conjunction with Consistent (C) and Persistent (P).

  1. Synchronize (S) + Consistent (C): This combination is used for masking the data consistently across the columns, tables, or databases, only once. If the same task is executed again, then data will not be masked consistently with the previous task instance.

  2. Synchronize (S)  + Consistent (C)+ Persistent (P): This combination is like Persistent (P) + Consistent (C). The only difference is that it masks the data consistently across the database if the same task is executed again.

E.g., With reference to below image, the table displays the names of all the employees in both Employee and Department table before masking is applied with Synchronized option.

In this example, column “emp_name” of Employees_Table has been flagged with Sync option and Random First Name masking with uppercase as case options. The name column also appears in the Department_Table of the same database.

Masking on emp_name column of employee_Table will be synced with the masking applied on the name column of Department_Table i.e., Random First Name masking with Title Case. This option let you mask entries in different tables, if any of the same entries are found in another table of the same database.

In the below image, the emp_nameJohn’ having emp_cd = ‘101’ has been replaced by name ‘Paki’ in both Employees and Department tables. Similarly, ‘Nikki’ whose emp_cd is ‘102’ has been replaced by ‘Vinaya’ when Synchronized option is checked.

This also eliminates the room for error in masking when similar data is created by multiple tasks. Sync Masking is supported in RDBMS and RDS.

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