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Tableau Report

Tableau is the visualization tool that can be used in forecasting the future and analysing the data trends. It helps in simplifying the raw data in an understandable format using graphs and tabular representation of the data.

PK Protect modules has integrated with Tableau to furnish detailed reports. A user has a privileged of editing the report as per their convenience. Currently, there are nine reports which are categorized under three modules:

  1. Common

  2. DBMS

  3. HDFS

*Note: To integrate PK Protect with Tableau, contact the PKware Support Engineering team.

To access the Tableau reports, click Reports > Tableau Reports.

Clicking the Tableau Reports in the navigation panel will take you to the new tab in which Tableau reports will opens. If you’re the first-time user, then enter your login credentials and click the Sign In button to view the reports.

*Note: You need to sign-in only once, post that whenever you’ll click the Tableau Reports in the navigation panel. It will directly take you to the site where the reports have been published.

You can see all the nine reports categorized under three modules.

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