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Task Status

This screen gives detailed information regarding the DSAR task(s) run/completed. It only gets populated after the execution of that DSAR task in Scheduler.

It is divided into panels:

  1. Task Instance Status: This panel displays the status of task instance executed. It consists of details like Task Instance ID, Task Name, Execution Type, Percentage, Status, Start Time, and End Time associated with that task instance.

    The icons under Actions column are enabled when the task is in In-progress state. Click Pause icon under Actions column to pause a running task. Click Play icon under Actions column to resume a paused task. Click x (cross) icon under Actions column to cancel a task.

  2. Logs: This panel displays the logs associated with the task instance. It consists of details like Execution Type, Message, Hostname, Status, Schema Name, and Table Name associated with that task instance.

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