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Test Connection

You can test a connection between PK Protect and IDP through the IDP Management screen.

Perform the following steps to test a connection:

  1. Select the IDP for which you want to test the connection.

  2. Click Test Connection. An alert will appear on a successful connection.

  3. If an error ‘ERROR:- ERROR |[pool-2-thread-1] |com.dataguise.hadoop.util.StatusTask:call(67) | ExitCodeException exitCode=-1073741515’ occurs while setting up Files IDP on windows. Follow the below steps:

    1. Stop LFA IDP service.

    2. Download ‘Microsoft Visual C++ 2010’ package from and install it on the server.

    3. Start LFA IDP service.

    4. Login into Admin and test the connection for LFA IDP.

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