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Uninstall Distributed Installation

To individually uninstall the controller and IDPs, see below.

On the host machine, navigate to C:\Program Files\Dataguise\DgSecure to locate the Controller and IDPs (in Agents folder), bearing their files for uninstallation. Run the uninstaller for the specific IDP or the controller (named as UninstallDgSecure.exe).

  1. A message is displayed for the confirmation of the uninstallation. Click OK.

  2. Now, it asks to uninstall that specific IDP or Controller and all its modules. Click Yes.

  3. Now, it asks to remove all the leftover files after uninstallation. Click Yes to delete all the files and proceed ahead. The uninstallation process starts now. In case of IDP uninstallation, proceed to step e. In case of controller uninstallation, it asks to delete all the leftover files. Click Yes

  4. After some time, it asks to delete all the PK Protect data. Click Yes to delete all the data and proceed ahead.

  5. The uninstallation is completed. Click OK.

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