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VSAM: Installation

Once user account is created, perform the below steps to install the Files IDP for scanning VSAM files.

  1. Install the Files IDP on your local machine. To know more, refer section Install Files IDP.

  2. Zip the Files IDP folder and unzip it on the z/OS host machine. This will setup the same environment on both the local and z/OS machine.

  3. Re-start the IDP. This will also start the VSAM cluster. To restart the IDP on z/OS machine enter the below command:
    java -Xms4g -Xmx8g -jar dgLocalFilesAgent-jetty.jar

  4. To restart an IDP, execute ‘sh ./’ command. To stop an IDP, execute ‘sh ./’ command.

When unzipping the IDP folder on z/OS folder, update the following properties:

  1. Open ‘’ file located at ‘…/…/DgSecure/Agents/LocalFilesAgent/’ and update the expandedArchiveLoc property. This property specifies the archiving location for File IDP.

  2. Open ‘’ file located at ‘…/DgSecure/Agents/LocalFilesAgent/expandedArchive/WEB-INF/classes/’ and update the below mentioned properties:

    1. dg.meta.dir – This property specifies the name of the DG meta directory.

    2. hadoopConfigPath – This property specifies the absolute path to directory containing the Hadoop config files.

    3. kmip.pekkeystore.path – This property specifies the KMIP PEK keystore location.

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