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The ZIP masking option can specifically be used for masking ZIP codes in the dataset. This type of masking generates random zip codes when selected. This masking can also be used for generating the values in the ZIP code column, if its set to null.

ZIP masking can be applied on columns having string and numeric datatypes. 

E.g., with reference to below image, if you want to mask or generate the data in the Zip_cd field with fake values to preserve the look and feel of the original data. You just need to select the ZIP option in the Random and this will generate random valid ZIP codes which can be used either for masking the original data or for filling the null fields.

Here, if you look closely there are few fields in the Zip_cd that have values as well as are set to null.

When ZIP masking is applied, then already filled values were masked with the fake ones and null values are set to random generated values. For instance, the zip code for emp_nameVinaya’ has been updated to’24,121’ which was Null before masking is applied. Similarly, the zip code for emp_nameBurke’ is masked with value’41,831’ earlier the value was set to ‘30,157’.

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