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Step-by-step guide for FireFox Users

  1. Save your ZIP File to the desktop if you received it via email.
  2. Open this link in a new window or tab (right click and choose Open in new Tab)
  3. Click on Installers
  4. Click on ZIP Reader by PKWARE
  5. Click on Save File
  6. By default, you will be prompted to save to your Downloads Folder
  7. Click on the downloads dropdown at the top right corner of FireFox and click on ZIPReader.exe
  8. Click Run to confirm you wish to run the program
  9. Agree to the End user License agreement options
  10. Click on Select archives to Extract
  11. Now, tell the ZIP Reader where your zip file is. Click on Desktop, click on the zip file  you are working with and click Open. If the zip file is on a CD or DVD drive, scroll down and double click on that drive.
  12. If your zip file was encrypted, enter the password or passphrase
  13. If the password or phassphrase is correct, then your files will be extracted along with a notification
  14. Click OK to view the contents from the zip file