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The Cluster tab displays the existing cluster members, their data center, status, health, and speed. Management tools for the cluster are also housed here. Clustering two or more Smartcrypt Enterprise Managers (SEM) can assist in centralized management and fault tolerance. Clustered systems can be geographically dispersed and do not need to be located on the same network.

Note: Clustering systems does not provide network load-balancing functionality. If you want to load-balance traffic among appliances, you can use a third-party load balancer that supports persistent sessions or use DNS round-robin. Systems can be added to data centers to ensure that Users in a specific Active Directory OU are always redirected to the same appliance or group of appliances.

Make Database MasterThe option only appears on slave servers. This allows a slave to take on the Master role if the master must be retired, replaced or is otherwise removed from the network. Other slaves will pick up the new master and begin reporting to the master server shortly.
Pair With AnotherAdd another Smartcrypt server to your cluster
Edit Data CentersAssign servers to data centers for replication and availability
ReplicationDisplay replication statistics
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