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Smartcrypt for IBM i Overview

Contact your PKWARE Sales Representative for information on evaluating Smartcrypt

Getting Started
 Product Updates

Base and Maintenance Updates

 Minimum Requirements for IBM i

IBM i Minimum Support Requirements

iSeries OS Version5.3/
PKZIP / SecureZIP 9 v9.01H   
PKZIP / SecureZIP 10v10.0.0v10.0.0C   
PKZIP / SecureZIP 10.0.5     
PKZIP / SecureZIP 14.0.0    V14.0.1D
PKZIP / Smartcrypt 16.0.0     

Hardware Requirements

PKWARE Product / VersionPower 5Power 6Power 7Power 8
PKZIP / SecureZIP 9    
PKZIP / SecureZIP 10    
PKZIP / SecureZIP 10.0.5    
PKZIP / SecureZIP 14.0.0    
PKZIP / Smartcrypt 16.0.0    
SupportedNot Supported

    Service Support Schedule for IBM i Products



Introducing the Smartcrypt Application for i5/OS, by PKWARE. 

Smartcrypt provides data-level encryption for IBM i, Smartcrypt is the most flexible, high-performance encryption solution available today. It protects both structured and unstructured data, gives customers the option to embed encryption directly into their applications, and can secure databases with field-level, length-preserving encryption.

Unlike other encryption products (including solutions that encrypt all data), Smartcrypt applies persistent protection that stays with data even after it leaves the IBM i environment. With Smartcrypt, encrypted data can be transmitted to user devices, web servers, or other external destinations while remaining inaccessible to unauthorized users.


Smartcrypt for IBM i is available in Standard and Enterprise editions.


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