Release Notes for IBM i

What's New
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Resolved issue causing MCH0601 message during extract

LPS-1105Added tolerance for opening ZIP archives created using 3rd party ZIP programs that may incorrectly create ZIP files with "zip bomb" characteristics
LPS-1050Strengthened OpenPGP buffer boundary support for record lengths and number of records
LPS-1036Resolved issue with intermittent missing record data during OpenPGP file creation
LPS-1021Resolved issue where PKZIP may indefinitelt WAIT after get_nbrprocsr check
ReferenceChange Summary
LPS-1036Fixed issue that may result in corrupt OpenPGP archives on IBM i
LPS-1021Fixed issue that may result in program handing when retrieving number of processors
ReferenceChange Summary
LPS-925Add support for detecting data set encryption within a ZIP file
LPS-918Add two missing search related message (AQZ0238 and AQZ0239) descriptions
LPS-901Improved processing of ZIP files that may be received with extraneous data following standard ZIP records
ReferenceChange Summary
8528Add support for file times using 64bit structures
8553Cosmetic changes
8558Corrected possible issues with memory and PKZSPOOL processing
8564Corrected an issue with message AQZ0151 that may not show search pattern
8576Resolved an issue where extract processing may not properly post "Last access" date and time info.
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8388Update OpenSSL cryptographic engine
8512Documentation updates
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8347Fixed an issue using OpenPGP keys configured for "no expire".
8301Fast selection of OpenPGP keys from keyrings