Viewing User Access to a Smartkey

To view the users who have access to a Smartkey, before you use it to encrypt your file, you can do the following:

  1. Click the name of the desired Smartkey, which will highlight in BLUE.

  2. Click View Smartkey (or Edit Smartkey if you are the Owner/Issuer of the Smartkey); all the members who have access to that key will be displayed.

Adding or Removing Smartkey Users

If you own a Smartkey, you can change the users who have access to that Smartkey before you use it to encrypt your file.

  1. Open the Smartkey Properties window, by following the steps in Viewing User Access to a Smartkey.
  2. Click Edit Smartkey. You'll see the list of people who have access to that key.
  • To add a new user to the existing Smartkey, enter their email address into the Recipient box. Click Add. The new address will appear in the list, with a green check mark. Note: You can only add one address at a time.
  • To remove existing users from having access to the Smartkey, clear the checkbox for the user(s) and select Apply. The address(es) disappear from the Smartkey.

NOTE:  In order to edit the users that have access to a Smartkey, you MUST be the ‘Owner/Issuer’ of the key.

Creating a New Smartkey

If the recipient you’re sending the file to doesn’t have access to an existing Smartkey, and you’re not the Owner/Issuer (and therefore can’t add them), you can create a new Smartkey to include the user.

  1. From the Choose Keys for Encryption window, click New Smartkey.

  2. Name the Smartkey – Give your new Smartkey a unique name, replacing the generic Smartkey # that appears in the Name field. The name must be unique to this Smartkey.
  3. Add Recipients - Enter the email address of each person you want to view and read files encrypted with this key in the Recipient field. Click Add after entering each email address. When you’re done adding users, click Apply, and they will appear in the list with a green check mark.

  4. Click OK to complete creating your new Smartkey.

NOTE:  As the creator of the key, your name will automatically appear as a user that has access to the key, you don’t need to add yourself.