Error in login prompt is shown

The Smartcrypt client requires a verified SSL connection to the Smartcrypt Manager. Apple OS X (10.11) and Mac OS (10.12) also require an Application Transport Security (ATS) valid connection. Apple ATS requires a TLS 1.2 connection and also requires a better than SHA1 hashing algorithm on the SSL certificate.

You can test your connection on OS X in terminal with the following (replacing "" with your URL):

nscurl --ats-diagnostics --ats-tls-version TLSv1.2 --verbose

The output you are looking is:

QAs-Mac:~ qa$ nscurl --ats-diagnostics --ats-tls-version TLSv1.2 --verbose
Starting ATS Diagnostics

Configuring ATS Info.plist keys and displaying the result of HTTPS loads to
A test will "PASS" if URLSession:task:didCompleteWithError: returns a nil error.

Configuring ATS with user-defined exceptions

ATS with user-defined values

ATS Dictionary:
    NSExceptionDomains =     {
        "" =         {
            NSExceptionMinimumTLSVersion = "TLSv1.2";
Result : PASS