• Integration with Microsoft Information Protection (MIP)
    • PKWARE can identify files with no MIP label and apply an MIP label
    • PKWARE can identify PKWARE encrypted files, decrypt them and apply MIP labels
    • Support for a script to automatically create an app in Azure and allow an Admin to import the app configuration information into the PEM
  • Redaction Support for Email
    • Discover and redact sensitive information in subject lines, message bodies and attachments
    • Discovery and redaction support applies to embedded images in message bodies and native image files or embedded images in attachments
    • Support for both email messages and meeting invites
  • Ability to Change the Location of the Temp Files
    • Admins can now change the location the temp files are written to, from the default location
  • Max Memory Configuration in Performance Policies
    • A setting to define the ‘max memory’ consumption has been added to the performance policy configuration page

PKWARE Enterprise Manager / Archive Client Application Version Compatibility

PEM Version

Archive Client Application Versions

 PEM v18.10.80

  June 2021

PDE Agent: 16.90.0006 (Jun ’21), 16.80.0009 (Mar ’21) and 16.7.0008 (Dec ’20)

TDE Agent: v3.50.2