• Smartcrypt Rebranding to PK Protect
    • Product name changes in the administrative interface and end-user facing client GUI
    • New application icons, encrypted file overlays, pop-up windows and help files
    • New color palette in the administrative interface
  • Large File-Based Discovery Dictionaries
    • Discovery dictionaries can be created importing large, line delimited files .txt files for use in discovery and remediation actions
    • Support for discovery and redaction of dictionary entries for .pdf files is limited to text-based .pdf files
  • Hit Counts in Discovery Expressions
    • DSI reporting will show the hit counts of sensitive items per discovery pattern, per file when expressions are used to configure filter bundles in remediation actions
  • Improved Email Workflows
    • Revision to external recipients warning prompt to list recipients by email domain
    • Ability to optionally send the passphrase of an encrypted file through recents menu
    • Support for appending email subject and/or header tags so messages can be routed to a Secure Email Gateway for processing
  • Redaction Support on macOS
    • The ability to use redaction on macOS client workstations
    • Support of redaction on macOS will be equivalent to the files, types and options offered with Windows-based redaction

PK Endpoint Manager / PK Endpoint Agent Application Version Compatibility

PEM Version

Archive Client Application Versions

PEM v19.00.65

September 2021

Endpoint Agent: 17.00.0011 (Sept ’21), 16.90.0006 (Jun ’21), and 16.80.0009 (Mar ’21)  

Transparent Server Agent (TDE): v3.60.10