• Support for Former ‘Dataguise’ Discovery Engine in PK for Endpoints
    • New discovery engine is included in addition to the existing PK for Endpoints discovery engine
    • Customers can configure the discovery engine of their choice; default for upgrades is the existing PK for Endpoints discovery
    • All existing PK for Endpoints standard and customized discovery patters have been retained
  • Remediation of Encrypted Archives
    • When encountered, PKWARE can optionally discover and remediate files residing in encrypted archives
    • Support for encrypted archives can be enabled within existing locker / assignment configurations
  • Event Forwarding to External Targets
    • In addition to displaying events in the ‘Events’ screen, they can be forwarded to external target systems for collection, consolidation and analysis by those systems
    • Support for various format types including ElasticSearch, Syslog and Splunk
  • Multiple Data Security Intelligence (DSI) Targets
    • Specified agents can send DSI to different locations, as an exception to a standard, defined default location
  • Support for Redaction on Linux
    • The ability to discover and redact files in Linux environments

PK Endpoint Manager / PK Endpoint Agent Application Version Compatibility

PEM Version

Archive Client Application Versions

 PEM v19.1.103

  January 2022

Endpoint Agent: 17.10.0017 (Jan ’22), 17.00.0011 (Sept ’21), and 16.90.0006 (Jun ’21)  

Transparent Server Agent (TDE): v3.7.2