PEM Agent


Windows, Mac, Linux

Version 17.20.0011


·       Support for provisional user accounts

o   A new ‘Authentications’ subpage has been added beneath the Identities page, which is the area that provisional user policies are created and managed.

o   Issuance of temporary accounts for users in domains that can’t authenticate with the PEM Administrator

o   Assign policies, lockers and assignments to users with provisional accounts

o   Facilitates the implementation of PK Protect across the entire enterprise

·       TOTP for encryption and decryption actions

o   PK Protect’s multi-factor authentication capability has been expanded to support Time-based OTP (Time based one-time passcode) for manual encryption and decryption actions

o   Enhanced security for the protection of sensitive information by enforcing multi-factor authentication as a prerequisite

·       Windows 11 right-click menu support

o   PK Protect listing in primary right-click menu

PEM Administrator / PEM Agent Application Version Compatibility

PEM Version

Archive Client Application Versions

 PEM v19.2.51

  April 2022

PEM Agent: 17.20.0011 (Apr ’22), 17.10.0017 (Jan ’22), 17.00.0011 (Sept ’21), and 16.90.0006 (Jun ’21)  

Transparent Server Agent (TDE): v3.7.2