The Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager Dashboard allows admins to quickly review the most important data that SEM is processing. SEM offers a default set of panels on this page, but you can organize the Dashboard's panels any way you like. This page gives you a head start on using the Dashboard.

Getting Started with Dashboard

Make sure you have turned on Daily Reports in Advanced > Reports, To include Data Security Intelligence (DSI) data in the Dashboard, activate Dashboard Elasticsearch Target on the Basics page.

Default panels include:

  • Servers Created / Protected Servers
  • Endpoints Created / Protected Endpoints
  • VDIs Created / Protected VDIs
  • Accounts Created / Protected Accounts

You can change the Date Range for all visible panels with the Date Range box. Choose from All available data, Absolute dates, where you choose a specific date range (for example, for a 30-day range starting on 1/5/2019), or Relative (where you choose from the last X Days/Months/Years). Click Apply to update all panels. The Dashboard updates automatically.

You can individualize date range displays for each panel. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the panel to open the Properties dialog.

Add Panels

Click to add another panel. Select the panel you want to add and review the Properties dialog settings. Click Add to Dashboard.

Organize Panels

Drag panels around the screen to place the most critical items at the top.

Export Panels

You can deliver Dashboard reports as a PNG image of the current Dashboard. You can also export a ZIP archive of each report as a CSV file  for recording in a spreadsheet.

Click and choose the file format.