Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager Setup and Configuration Quick Start

  1. Validate security groups

  2. Connect to the SMDS via SSH using the operating system username (ubuntu) and ssh key associated with the instance in AWS

    • AWS will provide connection instructions like this:
  3. Create a password for the ubuntu account

    • While logged in via SSH, set a password for the ubuntu account using the command:

      sudo passwd ubuntu
  4. Name the instance

    • Give the instance a meaningful name. It is recommended to set this name to the server's fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for your server (ex:

      sudo vi /etc/hostname
      sudo hostname myfqdn
  5. Connect a web browser using HTTPS to the external IP address of your Smartcrypt instance

  6. Log in to the web interface using ubuntu as the username and the password you created in step 3 and accept the EULA

  7. Activate Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager and select features

    • Select Archive and/or TDE products to activate

  8. Configure TLS/SSL

    • SSL configuration details
    • Use the Upload Root option to upload trusted root certificate(s) to the server for your domain
    • Install trusted certificate for the server matching its fully qualified domain name in PKCS#12 (.pfx) format
  9. Join Active Directory Domain

  10. Configure AD Connection for User Lookups

  11. Set Master database password and set backup schedule

Complete these steps once you have multiple Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager instances set up

  1. Create Cluster

  2. Setup first data center