Smartcrypt Application to Smartcrypt Manager
TCP:443 - This port is used for TLS/SSL communication between the Smartcrypt Application/Agent and the Smartcrypt Manager. All protocols (IWA are tunneled via TLS)

Smartcrypt Manager to Active Directory
TCP:389 - LDAP The Smartcrypt Manager can be configured to use Active Directory Users and Groups. LDAP should be open from the IIS Host(s) running the Smartcrypt Manager to the domain controllers it has been configured to communicate with.

TCP:636 - LDAPS (LDAP over SSL). An Active Directory Domain Controller can be configured to use SSL for LDAP. This is more secure, and if configured in AD, will provide a higher degree of security for LDAP searches and transactions.

Standard Ports
UDP:53 for DNS
TCP:25 for SMTP based e-mail alerts. (Smartcrypt Manager only)

Network Diagram of Smartcrypt ports and protocols