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How Viivo works with Dropbox


The Viivo program creates a folder named "Viivo" in the root of your user profile directory. Any unencrypted files placed in this folder cause Viivo to create compressed and encrypted copies in a Viivo-Encrypted folder in the root of your Dropbox directory. These secured files are what the Dropbox software and service synchronize to the Dropbox Cloud and any devices you choose to connect to it. The Viivo service keeps both of these folders in sync so that when you edit content on other devices, saved changes are securely synchronized through Dropbox and seamlessly decrypted with Viivo. This approach allows your computer to index plaintext content for searching and allows productivity applications to interact directly with plaintext data with no extra manual steps to decrypt beforehand and encrypt afterword. As soon as any file is "saved" to the Viivo folder, a compressed and encrypted copy is instantly created in Dropbox.


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Image AddedSharing Dropbox files:


Decryption with Viivo on iOS & Android

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The Viivo Mobile app is available on the iTunes App store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

Connecting the Viivo App to Dropbox:

In the screen on the left, the mobile app connects directly to Dropbox via their API and will access your data directly. When you select an encrypted file, Viivo will download, decrypt and preview it for you. You may "Favorite" frequently accessed files or choose to open them in other applications if Viivo Preview is unable to display your particular file.

Viivo App pass-thru decryption:

Use this option for cloud storage providers that Viivo does not have API support for. Good examples are Email apps, Google Drive and SkyDrive. You simply use the native cloud storage app to locate your encrypted .viivo file and use the "Open In" function available from the OS. Selecting Viivo will cause your OS to pass the secure file to our App where it will be decrypted and previewed.

All data on mobile is encrypted at rest. Unencrypted contents are destroyed on close.

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For a quick demonstration, checkout the Viivo + Dropbox demonstration video here.