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Contact your PKWARE account representative to obtain the appropriate package for your platform.

Table of Contents

Steps performed

The script performs the following steps, in order:


  • The Scripted installation is typically used to install TDE in a lab or non-production environments for a proof of concept or evaluation purposes.

  • This process will generate a Self-Signed Certificate. To install a trusted, rooted or other certificate, please see Manual Deployment.

  • When this process is completed, a Hosts file (Windows/System32/driver/etc/hosts) or DNS entry will be necessary to point client machines back to the Manager

Running the installation script

  1. Extract the file and browse to the extracted location via PowerShell
  2. Execute the script and follow the prompts


Confirm your selections:





Mobile and IOS devices cannot connect to the SMDS when it has been configured with this script. This is because these devices cannot use the self-signed certificate created by the setup script. Installing a trusted certificate will allow these types of devices to connect to SMDS.