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What is the Viivo Dropzone?

The Viivo Dropzone is the quickest way to encrypt a single file, group of files or an entire folder.  The Drop Zone can be configured to send encrypted output to any location your computer can see (even removable media). This includes sync folders located in Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive. It even supports existing cloud shares you have already setup.  You can drop a single file, a group of files or an entire folder.

Where is the Viivo Dropzone?

On Windows, the Viivo Dropzone is a special icon that sits on top of all other screens. It can be moved to any location on your screen and can be hidden by right-clicking the Viivo icon in your system tray and choosing to "Hide Dropzone."

On Mac, the Dropzone is the Viivo icon in your Menu Bar.  Configuring the path is available by choosing "Dropzone Settings" from the Viivo icon menu.



Can I use Cloud Sharing or Email Viivo Dropzone Files?

After dropping your files onto the Viivo Dropzone, enter the email address of other Viivo users you wish to be able to decrypt and read your file(s). If the person you add is not currently a Viivo user, they will still be able to decrypt the file after they create their account. If you want to keep access to this file to just yourself, just click the Encrypt button shown below.


Where did my Viivo Dropzone files go again?

The landing spot for your Viivo Drop Zone files can be configured by choosing "Dropzone Settings" from the Viivo Menu available by right-clicking the Viivo icon in your Windows System Tray or Mac Menu Bar.

So how do I send these files?

Thats the beautiful thing about the Viivo Dropzone. You can point the Dropzone toward any shared cloud folder you already have setup between you and your collaborators. .viivo files can even be emailed or copied to removable media. The security is data-centric and completely portable. Each decryption request by another Viivo user will result in a request for access back to the owner.