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This quick start guide is designed to explain how Viivo works so you can begin securing the contents of your Dropbox.  

There are two folders you need to work with.

1. The "Viivo" Folder - which has been placed in your home folder 
This folder is where you will place files you want to secure.  Anything Copied to or Saved in this folder will cause Viivo to generate an encrypted copy of the same file in the Viivo-Encrypted folder we've created in your Dropbox. Dropbox then syncs the secured files to all of your computers running Dropbox.

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After the secured files have been synchronized, Viivo will automatically decrypt them for use by your productivity applications. To access your Viivo folder you can: 
- Click on the Shortcut we've placed on your desktop:

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- - Open it from your Favorites menu:


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- Open it by “right clicking” on the Viivo icon in your tool tray:

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2. The "Viivo-Encrypted" Folder inside of Dropbox - where the encrypted copies of your protected files are stored  

Viivo-Encrypted contains secure copies of everything in your Viivo folder.  These copies can remain secured for yourself or they can be shared (via Dropbox shared folders) with other Dropbox users.  All of the secured files end in .viivo. Image Added

Thanks for reading our Quick Start Guide for Mac.  If you have any questions or problems with Viivo, please check out the forums